Monday 31st May 2010

The work we had planned for last night was a no go due to inclement weather. Shortly after the recovery of our Conductivity, Temperature, and Depth (CTD) sensor the decision was made to abort all further plans until the morning. We awoke this morning to the weather having worsened. We spent most of the afternoon sailing in force 10 conditions and steaming into the wind. When weather conditions are so poor no one is allowed out on deck and therefore no sampling work could be done today. All equipment onboard had to be strapped down and every so often you would see waves splashing on the third floor portholes and chairs, tables, and people go sliding across the floor.

On days like this when the weather limits what we’re able to do, one begins to realise how lucky we all are to be on a modern ship like the RRS James Cook. The ‘Cook’ has been described as a floating hotel by many and after a few days onboard it is apparent that this is a fair description. Sure it’s not a luxury cruise liner, but everyone gets their own room, the crew are incredibly friendly and helpful, we get three square meals a day, and have access to a near limitless supply of Irn Bru.

Today has been filled with vain attempts at working on my laptop while it slides along my desk and watching DVDs in the video room. Due to the poor weather conditions we had to re-tie down everything in the main lab that had gotten loose and everywhere onboard was turning into a veritable obstacle course. This was coupled with watching some of our equipment fly around on the aft deck via the ship’s CCTV system knowing that we were powerless to stop it.

Hopefully tomorrow will provide better weather with the chance to assess the damage and get some research done.

Grant Duffy

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One Response to Monday 31st May 2010

  1. Rex Passion says:

    welcome to Newfoundland

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