Monday 7th June 2010

Some days its tough….

 Today we had planned to film and retrieve a whale bone carcass from the sea floor. Originally the bones came from a whale that had died and been washed up on the beach. So deploying it back in the ocean is like a burial at sea, a fitting end for such an amazing animal. The whale bone was deployed 2 years ago and has been waiting on the sea floor for us to return. Whale bones attract a whole array of life and it was hoped we could film and sample the life attracted to the bone. However, nothing ever goes to plan, and although we originally found the whale bone, when we returned to retrieve it we just could not find it even after a total of 7 hours searching. Not a good day for Jess, Alan (back in Aberdeen) and Helena. Sorry guys.

Birthday boy Grant

Pretty tough too having your birthday on board away from your family and loved ones, however, much whispering and organising behind the scenes produced a fantastic cake and signed tea shirt for Grant – Happy birthday Grant :o) Now then I have been told to talk about the cake, only a bunch of biologist could create a cake iced with two amphipods, a sea urchin, an enterproneust acorn worm trail and a polchaete! Fantastic creativity and amazingly, anatomically correct.

The amazingly decorated birthday cake

Phil Bagley

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2 Responses to Monday 7th June 2010

  1. Andrew Duffy says:

    Hope you enjoyed your cake Grant
    Mum & Dad

  2. William of Ockham says:

    Wow Jess, that must be so frustrating!
    Having found the bone once, with all that tantalizing activity, and then for it to stay so stubbornly hidden when you look again…

    I have a theory:

    The white squat lobsters spotted the Isis on its first mission. At a critical moment some strange premonition took hold of the feasting crustaceans. Despite never having known reflexive conciousness, they were suddenly and effortlessly thinking as one. The thoughts, ‘THIS THING IS OF HUMAN HAND’, and then, ‘THE BONE MUST FALL FROM HUMAN EYE’, shuddered collectively through their maxillipeds. I would speculate that this transient group consciousness was formed for just long enough to coordinate the lobsters. For perhaps a day they worked, not only to move the bone, but to painstakingly remove any evidence of their activity in the delicate silt… And then once the bone was truly hidden the lobsters fell back into a kind of somnambulism…losing all memory or awareness of their truly amazing achievement.

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