Cruise Participants

University of Aberdeen

Prof. Monty Priede (Oceanlab, University of Aberdeen, UK)

Dr Phil Bagley (Oceanlab, University of Aberdeen, UK)

Dr Mark Shields (Oceanlab, University of Aberdeen, UK)

Thom Linley (Oceanlab, University of Aberdeen, UK)

Jessica Craig (Oceanlab, University of Aberdeen, UK)

Deborah Crockard (Oceanlab, University of Aberdeen, UK)

Iain Douglas (Marine Biodiscovery Centre, University of Aberdeen, UK)

David Shale (Photographer, UK)

National Oceanography Centre Southampton

Prof. Andy Gooday (National Oceanography Centre Southampton, UK)

Dr Daniel Jones (National Oceanography Centre Southampton, UK)

Claudia Alt (National Oceanography Centre Southampton, UK)

Grant Duffy (National Oceanography Centre Southampton, UK)

The Stig (National Oceanography Centre Southampton, UK)

University of Newcastle

Dr Ben Wigham (University of Newcastle, UK)

Other Institutes

Dr Andrey Gebruk (Shirshov Institute, Russia)

Tonya Rogacheva (Shirshov Institute, Russia)

Dr Geoff Wigham (University of Plymouth, UK)

Dr Marsh Youngbluth (Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution, USA)

Dr Helena Wiklund (Natural History Museum, UK)

Dr Pedro Ribeiro (IMAR, Portugal)

National Marine Facilities, UK

Peter Mason

Simon Dodd

Dave Edge

James Cooper

Mick Myers

John Wynar

1 Response to Cruise Participants

  1. Ashley Rowden says:

    Just wanted to pass a message to Geoff Wigham…
    Just read your blogspot. Great to see that you are out at sea with Ben. How fantastic that must be. Terrific. I bet moments like these make it worth putting up with…you know what…along the way. 🙂
    Cheers Ash

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